How Online Dating Forced the Explosion of Affairs Websites

There was a time not too long ago when no one spoke about meeting someone online. Now, you have guys bragging about how booked they are every day with dates. While there are thousands upon thousands of online dating sites, only a few are really popular. The rest, these niche dating sites, are growing by […]

Curious About Online Affairs? Now It’s Easier than Ever to Find out More

It seems that there are so many options out there when it comes to who you can have an affair with.  It’s easy to meet people to hook up with and there are so many ways to meet these people, so what is the draw when it comes to online affairs?  Why do so many […]

Married Older Women Looking for Affairs with Younger Guys

If you are a married older women looking for younger men, you might know just how easy it is to meet them, but the worry is that they will run their little mouths and destroy your current situation.  Let’s face it ladies, just because you’re happy in your marriage doesn’t meant that your older husband […]