Post Divorce = Matchmakers

Matchmakers are Growing

Online affairs have exploded some 10-15 years ago. Those short term type of casual dating will never go away. If anything, it will be the de facto way to have an affair. Thing is, for the percentage of married couples that lead to divorce, what do those divorcees do when they are reading to date again? Enter in the growth of matchmakers.

Casual Dating vs Serious Relationships

The last thing a recently divorced man or woman ever wants is to jump back into a serious relationship – that is unless the one they had an affair with is who they really want to be with. So it’s natural to go the casual dating route. This is what online dating has been built for. If anything, you might still go back to the discreet dating well as you know those married women better than most (plus you have a place these women can go to!)

Eventually , at some point, you will get tired of the casual route. Might be 6 months or 6 years, but eventually you’re wanting something more. Naturally, you’ll want to go back to the online dating route. Problem is, it’s filled with casual daters, not real men and women looking for real relationships.

Matchmaking Services Continue to Flourish

When online dating came to the scene, it was essentially the end to traditional matchmaking. I mean for a while there, online was the only place to be. Thing is lately, once the pandemic hit, more and more matchmakers are growing in popularity. On an initial glance, you’re thinking why in the world would I want to go down that route. It all comes down to finding exactly what you’re looking for, which is a partner that is definitely not using an online dating site

Let’s suppose you’re a divorced man in his 40s and is looking for something serious. Let’s also assume you’re successful and value your time. Why in the world would you spend literally 100 hours a month to not find what you’re looking. Sure, the thrill of the hunt will always be exciting, but history has taught you the end result doesn’t match.

Before you know it, you should really try it. provides a free service where it will route your profile to the proper matchmaker based on your profile data vs the needs of their matchmakers.

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