Low Tech Meets High Tech for Online Affairs

With all the news this summer of the online affairs hacked websites, things have been rather quiet for the start of the New Year. Let’s not forget that that the beginning of the year and the end of the year are huge for breakups. With breakups, partners tend to test the waters with online affairs before truly jumping ship. So, what has changed after the massive hack that occurred this summer? Here is what we’ve found.

When one has an affair, it tends to be private. While the media loves the juicy details, most men and women looking to have affairs aren’t telling the world. They are looking to fill a void in their relationship, whatever it is. If you remember, before online affairs was discussed, this topic was a very underground thing.

What has evolved is quite interesting. Men and women are looking at ways to not got caught now more than ever. At a time, one looking for an affair would simply have just paid  a online affair site to keep them discreet. Fast forward to today, no site can do that 100%. As a result, prior to jumping into an affair, you need to be as sure as possible not to get caught.

Sometimes the best way of keeping your identity clean is through low tech. Old disposable flip phones, fake email addresses, PO Boxes, pre-paid gift cards. I call it low tech meeting high tech for that old fashion affair.

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