Best Online Affair Sites for Discretion

Your erring spouse should be told that you are aware of his extramarital affair relationships.  During an extramarital affair relationships with the spouse and the extended family suffer. You must come from a position of strength and ask your spouse if he still want to save your family or separate from you completely.  A marriage is a partnership of two people and they should both exert all efforts to make it work.

Be Smart. Be Discreet.

If your spouse is asking for a divorce, you cannot really force him back into the marriage as it will only bring you added grief.  The thing you can do is make sure you are prepared for all the financial aspects of the divorce.  A lawyer can help you understand what your options are as well as your rights and can lead you to the right direction.  A husband engaging in  and asking for the divorce should be ready to pay you alimony and child support.

best online affair sites
best online affair sites

If your spouse decides to save the marriage, it is best to immediately seek marriage counselling.  There are deep wounds affair relationships bring to a marriage and a marriage counsellor may help you get over the trauma and the fear.  After all, you are never sure that your philandering husband will not do it again soon.  Professional help will make you understand the causes and reasons behind his infidelity.  Understanding that you may have been driving your husband away may help you adjust your attitudes and actions.  Honesty and openness will play a big part in your getting back together.

Even with a marriage counsellor, extramarital affair relationships can not be entirely forgotten.  So, some marriages cannot be salvaged.  Some people may be able to forgive but will continually harp on the “sin” causing quarrels and resurrecting anger.  As women are rarely financially dependent on men these days, they can easily pick up their lives and start again.  Before, most women are hostages to their husband’s financial support, so they cannot just leave marriages even if they are already intolerable.

In most cases surviving affair relationships seem impossible; but people have been known to bounce back and start life again.  No one can really condone a husband who sleeps around except when a woman is frigid or do not like sex.  In this instance, she may even encourage her husband to find his pleasure elsewhere so that he will not bother her anymore.  If the wife is a normal woman, she would certainly want to keep her husband and her family intact, and expect a normal sexual relationship.

When it comes to the best online affair sites, there are two strong ones. The first is the infamous  Ashley Madison . With the widely publicized hack this summer, the Life is Short Have an Affair brand got worldwide attention.

A popular up and comer in 2019 for discreet dating is With a tagline of “Because every lasting marriage needs an affair”, it’s no surprise this affair site has been growing lately.

After all, a normal woman has sexual needs too and she will feel frustrated when her husband no longer wants to sleep with her.  Even if he does sleep with her infrequently, there may be some time when she will feel aroused and her husband is not available; so she can’t have the sex she craves. For a woman who is not working and stays at home, it is difficult to initiate affair relationships for sex.  This is why deliverymen, plumbers and contractors have been servicing these lonely women for years.

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