Married Doctor in Boca Raton Was Extorted

If you’re gonna be blackmailed, you better be sure you have absolutely nothing to lose. This was not the case when it comes to a recent event in Boca Raton.

A Broward Sheriff’s Office employee met a married doctor on the online affair website Ashley Madison.┬áThe initial online conversation turned into quite the sex encounter. Sounds like your classic case of cheaters. Well, there seems to be much more to the story.

She was extorting this married man for $7,000. If he didn’t pay, she was going to tell his wife. Most married guys wouldn’t want to risk being caught, and would just figure out a way to pay it. Not this doctor. He fought back by going to authorities who essentially put a sting out on the woman. Cash was exchanged and she was arrested.

Lesson learned fellows, be REALLY careful who you have an affair with!


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