Online Affairs Spike With Back to School

With back to school in full effect, online affairs get a huge spike. Why is that you ask? Quite simply, the summer of spending time with your family is over. As a working man, you finally have some time all to yourself. With this added time, combined with little to no sex this summer (especially if  you have kids), you are feeling severely neglected.

Unlike other times of the year,  you are looking for  immediate satisfaction given the long dry spell. After you realize that’s not working (no co-workers, bar pick-ups), the next natural progression is online affairs.

You might spend time with your buddies with the NFL season on the way, but you will always find time to sneak in a quick affair. This is precisely why sites like Ashley Madison  up their marketing efforts. The amount of women flocking to this site this time of year puts an ear to ear smile on all members of these sites.

The hardest part for some guys is the guilt factor. If you have a guilt factor, believe me, the online affair isn’t worth it. If you don’t have the guilt, it actually can elevate your relationship. Instead of being fixated on sex, you get over the hump and are able to focus on other pressing areas (business, family). There’s a reason why affairs are the norm in other countries, hello!

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