CIA Sex Scandal – Oh Yea!

I’d say about 75% of the world have no idea who the head of the CIA is, until today. David Petraeus, loved by all in the political & military world (rare feat by the way), stepped down from his position due to an extramarital affair. The man is 60 years old, had an affair with a 40 year old. This is going to grab headlines for months. Why? This isn’t some celebrity getting caught, these are two incredibly intelligent people getting caught. As the days unfold, you’ll start seeing more women coming out of the woodwork.

Head of CIA Caught in Affair Scandal
Head of CIA Caught in Affair Scandal

After all, if you’re a cheater, you’ll eventually get caught.. just a matter of time. The only way to truly combat this is by being with a woman that has AS MUCH TO LOSE as you do. The CIA director in this case, didn’t get caught cause of the woman, but got caught due to a circumstance. See, Mr Petraeus was being investigated on a political matter (won’t get into it here). During that investigation, emails were uncovered that led down the affair route.

Email, c’mon, email! Why don you leave your smart phone out on the table for the world to read.

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