Would you Pay $249 for a Guaranteed Affair?

For those of you in a relationship, having some sort of affair has crossed your mind. It’s ok, it’s natural. Now, if you decide to act upon that urge, you value the extreme importance of discretion. I mean, imagine if your partner found out?


So we all agree, getting caught is not an option. You could go to some dating site and pretend to be single, but we all know how pissed women will get if they are duped. Chances of you getting caught – VERY HIGH. You could go the escort route, in which that girl could care less about your partner.¬† If you think you’re in the clear, you’re not. While she might not verbally tell your partner, you run an INSANE risk of getting an STD. Even with a condom, you can still get genital warts (HPV).¬† So months later when you partner has warts, she will throw a fury on you.

What to Do

Would you pay for a Guarantee?
Would you pay for a Guarantee?

While I briefly touched upon online dating above, I wanted to dive into a different area in this space. Affair dating. Yes, you heard me right. With all the celebrity affairs that have occurred in the past few years (thank you TMZ), men now have the ability to find a discreet partner. There are literally millions of women throughout the world looking for discreet relationships. That is EXACTLY what you need

As my send off, go out there and find that discreet partner with Ashley Madison. With over 50 million members, this site guarantees you an affair for $249 or your money back. Wowser!

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